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There is a legend of subaquatic creatures awakening from ancient times. Once every century they rise to feed and regain their strength. Time diminishes their appearance, but they transforms in short bursts to a heroundus size. Once feed enough they engulf everything in its path and finally falls asleep for another century. Few witness them directly but most can hear it's uproar as the sound of thunder, only the wise knows it's true nature, the sound of aging toads...

You play as a aging toad awaken from ancient times. The toad need to feed on insects and has 180 lifetime before it falls asleep. The toad can transform to its ancient form for 5s for the cost of 15 lifetime and can then consume bigger insects to grow faster.



  • Left / Right - Short hop
  • Down - Crawl
  • A - High jump
  • B - Long jump
  • X /RB - Lick up flies
  • Y - Transform to ancient toad


  • Left / Right - Short hop
  • Down - Crawl
  • Z /Space - High jump
  • X / Shift - Long jump
  • C / Left Click - Lick up flies
  • V / Right Click - Transform to ancient toad


Another Way CCBY  Psykick http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/Psykick/52938


Aging Toads 1.2 (Windows) Post Jam.zip 64 MB
Aging Toads 1.1 (Windows).zip 64 MB
Aging Toads 1.0 (Windows).zip 67 MB

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I love the music in the game and the visual style is also super good. The game idea is overall pretty good. But for me the game sometime felt a bit too chaotic and I am not always sure what was happening. The health and score system was really confusing for me, and I mainly believe that this a UI issue. Overall is this a good little game. Well done.


Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I have also noticed that the timer / score is not clear enough. I have some ideas of adding bars instead. I will also think about it for future game jams. I try to minimize on screen HUD to have it clean, but it's not really worth it if it gets more cryptic.

Yeah, there's a lot of enemies spawning in the end, I will turn it down in a later version!