A momentum based platformer inspired by the bridge levels from the original Super Mario Bros.

You find yourself without soda and with only one store open on the other side of the bridge. Bridge Mania is a momentum based platformer focused on precise movement and forgiving with instant respawns.


Move - WASD, Arrow keys, Joystick, D-pad

Jump - Space, Z, A, Y

Grapple - X, Ctrl, X, B, R1

Music Credits

World 1 - The Dice Are Thrown by My Free Mickey

Rebuild - Kodamooya by Gnagno

2-1 - Island by Matthew Klingensmith

World 3 - Effects of Elevation by Revolution Void

3-5 - Bysantin by t4ngr4m

Credits - cdk - Sunday by Analog By Nature


Bridge Mania 1.6.03 (Windows).zip 107 MB
Bridge Mania 1.6.03 (Mac).zip 138 MB
Bridge Mania 1.6.03 (Linux).zip 108 MB

Development log


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i like it