Player Roguelike x RTS.

Collect gold and capture outposts to build up your army and defeat the opposing castle. 


Move - WASD or Arrowkeys

Return - Space, trigger death animation and return to base

Menu - ESC

Debug fog - §, toggle fog visibility

Debug gold - Insert, add 50 gold to all players


Gold - Chop down trees to collect gold.

Outposts - Capture outposts to gain 1 gold every 20th turn.

Rank up - Gain gold to rank up, rank up grants one automatic upgrade and one selectable upgrade. 

Automatic upgrades

Rank 1, 25 Gold: Unit1

Rank 2, 50 Gold: Player Attack & Player Death

Rank 3, 150 Gold: Unit1 & Unit2

Rank 4, 250 Gold: Player Health & Unit3

Rank 5, 500 Gold: +1 to all


Player Attack - Adds more bullets to the players attack pattern

Player Health - Adds more health to the player character.

Player Death - Improves the player death and return ability. 

Tower - Repair and build new towers in the player base.

Unit1 - Improve spawn time 

Unit2 - Improve spawn time 

Unit3 - 4HP, Improve spawn time 


1-bit RPG art pack by Kenny -


Pyramid Outpost 1.2 (html5).zip 258 kB


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I can't tell wtf is going on :(

Thanks for the feedback!

I just did some local playtesting, and made some tweaks:
replaced the player character,
show the enemy castles from the start of the round and
spawn a ghost when the player dies.

The new version is up now!

Anything else specific you think could make the game less confusing?